Facilities List

  • Our company is located in two buildings totaling 39,000-sq. ft. in Pacoima, with easy access to interstate 5, the 405 and 118 freeways.

Equipment List

Engineering department

  • Two metal soft, fabricam CAD/CAM, AUTO CAD & SOLID WORKS systems for sheet metal fabrication

Fabricating department

Shearing and Cutting:
  • One 8-ft. Amada hydraulic swing shearing machine, model S-25 with push button controlled back gauges
  • One 4 ft. Amada mechanical shearing machine with programmable back gauge
  • One Amada corner notching machine, model CS-220

  • Amada high speed Laser Cutting Machine, Model Pulsar 2415 XL, 2000 Watt (60"x98")

Punching Machines:
  • Two Amada, Pega 345 King, with Auto Index and MP 1012 Robotic sheet loader
  • One Amada, Pega 344 N.C. turret punch press
  • One Amada, Pega 344 N.C. turret punch press with Amada MP 1212 auto robotic loader
  • Two Haeger, hardware (PEM) inserting hydraulic presses
  • One Autosert AS-70 (PEM) inserting press
  • One Trojan model TR-12 automatic rivet setter

  • Panasonic. Perform ARC IOOwNR5C2-Robotic welding work cell
  • One Western Archtronics, 40 KVA, fully automatic spot welder
  • Three Western Archtronics, 30 KVA, fully automatic spot welder
  • One Linde UCC-305 TIG/Heliarc welder
  • One Linde 225 MIG welder
  • One Lincoln, ARC/Heliarc welder
  • Five Miller Syncrowave 250, ARClHeliarc weld

Press Brakes:
  • One Cincinnati 135AF x 12' Press Brake
  • One Cincinnati 135 CB x 10' Press Brake
  • One Amada hydraulic press brake, model RG-80, 8' bending, 88 ton capacity, with NC controllers
  • One Amada hydraulic press brake, model RG-50, 6' bending, 55 ton capacity, with front operated back gauge
  • Two Amada hydraulic press brake, model RG-25, 4' bending, 27 ton capacity, with NC-9EXgauging system
  • One Acro model 17-4 hydra-mechanical press brake, with 2-axis CNC system
  • One Diacro press brake mode114-28-2, 4' bending

  • One NC Tube Bending Machine model # 2 Pines

  • One 37" Timesaver model 137-1HDM deburring machine
  • One Gauer safetyedger deburring machine
  • One Speed-D-Burr Model 40, 4 cu. ft. tub vibrator
  • One Speed-D-Burr Model AV75, .75 cu. ft. bowl vibrator
  • Two 6" belt sanders
  • Various air vibrator, sanding/deburring/buffing machines and tools

Machine shop and tooling department

  • One HAAS VF-6, 20 H.P., Vector Drive, CNC Mill
  • One HAAS VF-2, 710 H.P. CNC Mill
  • ST 30 One HAAS Lathe with Servo Bar 300 (Bar Feed)
  • One HAAS Mini Mill, CNC 7.5 HP
  • One Chevalier CNC Mill
  • One Bridgeport, 1 H.P. vertical milling machine
  • Cincinnati Mailacron Sabre 1500 Vertical CNC Mill
  • One Grob model NSI8, 18" vertical band saw
  • Super VF2 HAAS CNC Mill
  • One Keller horizontal speed drill press
  • One Nardini Lathe
  • One Bridge Port 1-1/2 H.P. Mill
  • One HYD- Mech, 5-20 Series, 2 band saw
  • One Bliss C-35 Pcmch Press
  • Miscellaneous drill presses and hand tools
  • Telledyne Pines Tube Bending Machine

Finishing departments

Paint Department
  • An electrostatic powder coating system comprising:
  • One spray booth - 10 ft. wide
  • One power conveyor (Litton chain in tube type)
  • One Binks direct gas fired batch oven model BWN 4-8-7
  • One 8' spray booth for powder or wet application
  • One 18' spray booth
  • One Drying oven - 6'x8'x7'
  • Five Stage Phosphatizing System

Silk Screen Department
  • One Nu Arc screen printing exposure system with 40" x 32" vacuum table
  • Miscellaneous equipment for screen preparation

Shipping and Receiving
  • One Nissan 5000 lb. capacity forklift
  • One 4000 Ibs. Komatsu Forklift
  • One Clark TW-235, 3550lbs. Capacity Forklift
  • One GM C 14' stake bed delivery truck
  • One International 24' stake bed delivery truck
  • One Ford Van and One Dodge Van